OXIS Energy Moves Up a Gear

July 5, 2017 | News Brief | OXIS Energy Ltd. has established an International Lithium Sulfur (Li-S) battery system test center in Abingdon in England. This is the first of its kind in Europe and will enable OXIS to extend further its development of Lithium sulfur chemistry and technology. The test center will enable OXIS to develop new processes for the use of rechargeable Lithium Sulfur battery systems for a range of applications. The ability to carry out varied, monitored and comprehensive testing is fundamental to quality and supports the ongoing improvements in technology upon which OXIS depends. It also provides valuable data, which helps with the design and build of applications from aviation, automotive  (including electric buses and vehicles), defense, marine vessels, trains and solar energy storage. The center comprises specialist equipment that allows OXIS to test its cells and battery systems in order to meet international standards and specific industrial sectors regulatory requirements.

The test center will be made available for use by OXIS’s international clientele and will offer significant benefits to their numerous collaborations and joint developments. OXIS will continue to work closely with its test partner which is the University of South Wales.

According to OXIS’s CEO, Huw-Hampson Jones, “The test center will allow OXIS and its partners to develop further its products towards commercialization and deployment into applications such as aircraft and a range of electric vehicles. The centre will play a key role in maintaining, enhancing and furthering the expertise of OXIS and its personnel, in
advancing the widespread adoption of Lithium Sulfur (Li-S) battery technology onto the world platform.”

Ruth Davies, Program Manager at OXIS Energy said, “Our objective is to develop a significant presence in overseas markets; exporting our products is a key strategic imperative. The test center will enable us to make best use of our highly skilled test team and extensive testing equipment. It will also enable us to employ highly skilled personnel over the next three years as OXIS expands.”