Nano One Granted Japanese Battery Patent

February 14, 2018 | News Brief | Nano One has been issued Japanese Patent No. JP6271599. This patent is directed at a lithium ion battery using cathode materials made by Nano Ones’ proprietary process.

“This patent strengthens Nano One’s growing portfolio of intellectual property and extends its protection to a country with a major stake in the lithium ion battery market,”  said Dr. Stephen Campbell, Principal Scientist at Nano One. “This provides further validation that Nano One’s process for making lithium mixed metal cathode powders manifests in enhanced battery performance.”

“Nano One has now been granted 5 patents and has over 30 pending patent applications worldwide,” said Joseph Guy Ph.D., patent counsel and director for Nano One. “This latest issuance adds to a valuable asset base and augments related patents including US patent number 9,698,419 and Taiwanese patent number 1,517,487.”

Nano One’s innovative technologies have the flexibility to enhance performance and add value to the full range of lithium ion cathode materials, while enabling lithium sources that others cannot use. The cathode materials are intended for conventional lithium ion and next generation solid state batteries for use in consumer electronic, electric vehicle and grid storage applications. Nano One has built a demonstration pilot plant, has designed engineering plans for full scale production and is working with major global commercial interests to advance its lithium ion technology.