Lithium Exploration Group Submits Offer to Acquire Two Lithium Battery Design Patents

September 19, 2017 | News Brief | Lithium Exploration Group, Inc. has submitted an offer to purchase two lithium patents owned by a South Korean entity. The patents cover 13 developed countries and center around replacement rechargeable battery packs for external flashes used in many models of cameras and a “AA” applications in all devices that use “AA” batteries. The prototype process for the external flash battery patent has been completed and is ready to go to market. The company intends to hire the inventor of these patents to assist in the go to market strategy and develop other patents.

“The patent broker has submitted the offer to the owners and based on our discussions we are hopeful that it is accepted.  The inventor has a number of other ideas that will not require significant capital to patent and has contacts to the battery manufacturing community in China that will be able to assist in future prototype work and commercialization,” said CEO Alex Walsh. “We have been exploring opportunities on the lithium battery side of the industry for a better part of the last 12 months and I believe that have identified a great partner and patents that come along with him.”