Johnson Controls wins Contracts with Navistar

May 11, 2018 | News Brief | Johnson Controls Power Solutions has been awarded contracts to supply absorbent glass mat (AGM) and flooded batteries to two heavy-duty commercial truck and bus industry providers, Navistar and MAN Truck and Bus, in an effort to meet increasing electrical demands on fleets around the globe.

Johnson Controls will supply absorbent glass mat (AGM) and flooded batteries under the Fleetrite brand to Navistar’s three North American original equipment production plants and to the aftermarket through its more than 700 truck and bus dealerships. Johnson Controls’ batteries are now the standard offering for Navistar’s original equipment (OE) International models.

One of the leading international suppliers of commercial vehicles and transport solutions in Europe, Johnson Controls will supply AGM truck batteries to MAN Truck and Bus’ European original equipment production plants and aftermarket service centers. To meet this demand, Johnson Controls is investing in new AGM manufacturing capabilities at its Hannover, Germany, plant.

Several recent trends in fleet operations, including new in-vehicle technologies and regulations, are increasing the electrical demands on fleets throughout the industry, requiring more capable batteries. For example, new anti-idling laws in Europe and North America aim to reduce fuel costs and emissions and have led the industry to seek new ways to power driver amenities during rest periods. By addressing all facets of increased electrification while vehicle engines are off, Johnson Controls’ AGM batteries offer the same level of power to run important amenities without the fuel costs and emissions associated with idling. This could dramatically reduce up to 1 billion gallons of fuel consumed at a cost of around $3 billion and 11 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions currently generated from idling trucks in the US annually today, according to Argonne National Laboratory estimates.

“As fleet technology continues to advance and anti-idling environmental regulations expand, batteries will play a critical role in delivering a more comfortable, safe and efficient driving experience for the truck and bus industries,” said Petar Oklobdzija, group vice president and general manager of Original Equipment, Johnson Controls Power Solutions. “Our AGM batteries are engineered to address these demands, both today and in the future. Johnson Controls will continue to invest in our operations to support this growing industry and will work closely with our partners to deliver sustainable, innovative solutions.”

The global commercial truck battery market is expected to grow nearly 7 percent between 2018 and 2020, to an anticipated volume of approximately 95 million batteries. With a focus on product innovation and sustainability as well as a global delivery footprint, Johnson Controls, the leader in AGM technology, is well-positioned to address these demands.