ION Energy Announces Acquisition of Freemens

February 5, 2018 | News Brief | ION Energy, a company building energy storage systems and electric vehicle infrastructure, has acquired the French battery management company, Freemens SAS. As part of the transaction, the entire Freemens engineering and sales team will join the core team of ION.

Headquartered in Grenoble, France, Freemens is a provider building cutting edge battery management systems for Lithium-Ion batteries. Alexandre Collet, founder and CEO of Freemens SAS has now officially joined ION as co-founder & VP of engineering to strengthen the founding team of ION Energy. Freemens will continue working with their current clients which include Airbus Safran, CarWatt and NTN SNR. With the acquisition, ION will invest into this business and grow the portfolio of customers in India, US and other parts of EU.

The entire team of PhDs in France have spent the last seven years perfecting their understanding of various Lithium-Ion batteries and optimizing their ability to reduce degradation of these sensitive batteries by controlling the brain that manages them in real time. Their products are chemistry agnostic and work with all the various chemistries including NCA, NMC, LFP and more. As companies line up to offer systems and startups enter the space, it is important to bulk up on technical capabilities and meet increasing qualitative expectations.