Fishman and WiTricity to Orchestrate Wireless Power Solutions for Stringed Musical Instruments

Fishman, a provider in amplification, effects and pickups for acoustic and electric instruments, will leverage WiTricity’s patented wireless charging technology and broad intellectual property (IP) portfolio to develop new wireless power applications for Fishman’s acoustic and electric stringed instrument technology. Utilizing WiTricity technology, Fishman will commercialize efficient, high-performance wireless charging systems across a range of the company’s products favored by a growing list of music industry leaders and artists.

Fishman is exploring solutions based on WiTricity technology that will enable greater freedom for musicians by cutting charging cords on powered equipment for guitars, violins, cellos, banjos, harps and other stringed instruments. When battery charging and power cords are removed from acoustic instruments, Fishman is able to develop unique charging solutions that make it easy to keep their amplification technology fully charged and ready to rock.

“Our company has always been at the cutting edge of sound quality technology for the music industry, and wireless charging is a natural extension to the freedom and technological edge we deliver to artists around the globe,” said Larry Fishman, president of Fishman. “Wireless charging will provide “drop-and-charge” freedom for musicians on the stage and in recording studios, requiring one less thing to think about while trying to create the music we all enjoy.”

WiTricity’s patented magnetic resonance technology offers flexible positioning for effortless wireless charging, as well as the ability to charge through materials such as plastic and wood. This freedom will allow sound technology designers to remove contacts and charging jacks and create systems that reduce clutter, ease installation and maintenance, and create “wire-free” freedom for musicians. In addition, with the increased ease and opportunity of wireless charging, battery size may be reduced, decreasing weight and offering a more ergonomic experience for musicians and equipment handlers.

“Flexible wireless charging allows musicians to focus on their art instead of fussing with charging cables or batteries,” said David Schatz, WiTricity vice president of business development. “Wireless charging from WiTricity perfectly complements Fishman’s  technology for sound quality and amplification, and we look forward to working with Fishman to deliver a better user experience for musicians and instrument makers.”