Fernhill Corp. Announces Patent Application for Hybrid Energy Storage Systems

September, 18, 2017 | News Brief | Fernhill Corp. has announced patent application for a Capacitor-Lithium hybrid battery storage system with integrated system management.  This application could provide a fully functional solution that provides an array of features including charge control monitoring and protection for multiple EDLC capacitors and a lithium battery bank with individual unit monitoring and balancing. By using high performance analog peripherals, the system can measure and maintain an accurate record of available capacitance, state-of-health, voltage, current, temperature, and other critical parameters. The management system could also provide protection on overvoltage, over temperature, and overcharge along with hardware controlled protection for overcurrent in discharge, and short circuit protection during charge and discharge.

By incorporating two technologies, together with sophisticated balancing controls both in the individual unit level as well as the system level creates a solution with the combined advantages of two already proven technologies. In addition, this design can allow for greater flexibility in system stability, capacity, and thermal safety while accelerating charging speeds, and offering higher current availability.

A hybrid storage system could be customized to address a significant array of applications that are difficult to address with one technology alone. Future development of this technology could provide advanced solutions for emergency and portable power, electric vehicles, heavy equipment, and uninterruptable power supplies for computers and telecommunication equipment.