Delta-Q Technologies Releases 85V and 120V Industrial Lithium Battery Chargers

June 13, 2018 | Product Brief | Delta-Q Technologies has released four high frequency lithium battery chargers in the ICL series: the ICL1200 and ICL1500 in 85V and 120V models. The ICL1200 and ICL1500 respectively provide 1,200 W and 1,500 W. The 85V models designed to optimally charge lithium battery systems of any lithium-ion chemistry from 14 to 24 cells in series, where the 120V models charge from 21 to 34 cells in series. Delta-Q’s new lithium charger is suitable for use on any electric machine including scooters, light electric vehicles, aerial work platforms, and sports and utility vehicles.

The Delta-Q Technologies software development team has a combined 60 years plus of CAN programing and customization experience. This team works directly with Delta-Q’s OEM customers to deliver CAN-based charging solutions specific to their needs. Their current offerings include CAN bus communication for BMS and telematic integrations with CANopen and SAE J1939 protocols.

Delta-Q’s software team has also built over 200 custom algorithms, ensuring that users experience better runtime and flexibility for different lithium battery chemistries.

The ICL1200 and ICL500 in 85V and 120V are part of the ICL series which share a set of standard features. This includes a wide AC input range, where the any ICL series charger can operate on any single-phase electrical grid around the world. With a fully customizable, field replaceable cable design, and the ability to act as both an on or off board charger, the ICL Series provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with flexibility in design and deployment

The ICL series, like the rest of Delta-Q products, are IP66-rated to protect against dirt and fluids, while its mechanical design and component selection resists vibration, shock, and temperature extremes.