C&D Technologies Providing Battery Training

C&D Technologies, Inc. a  producer and marketer of standby power batteries, will continue to provide battery training seminars throughout 2015 as part of its C&D University program. C&D University continues to provide lead acid battery training in both the Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Attica, Indiana manufacturing facilities for all sales channel partners, customers, consultants and employees.

These training classes cover a wide variety of topics related to lead-acid batteries including history, construction types and design criteria for installation, operation and maintenance. The sessions also include web-based tools, a manufacturing plant tour and sessions discussing battery room compliance and safety.

The C&D University battery training has helped numerous sales personnel, engineers, installers and others to maximize their battery system reliability and service life by better understanding how a battery works and what type of battery would be the best fit for their application as well as maintaining their products in the field.

“C&D’s training has proven to be invaluable to us, and to our customers, who attend with us,” said David Swaim, president Hubill Power System.  “C&D’s training covers just about everything that a stationary battery professional needs to know; all the way from a first time technician, to a tenured senior technician or DC Power Systems Engineer.  They take you from how batteries are made (including a plant tour), to how to size batteries.  If you don’t learn something here, you are not paying attention.”

Anyone interested in attending a battery training seminar should contact technical trainer Eric Lehmann in the C&D Product Management group at 215-775-1317 for additional information.