Battery Solutions Receives R2/RIOS Certification

Battery Solutions has announced its certification in R2/RIOS (Responsible
Recycling and Recycling Industry Operation Standards). Battery Solutions is the first
battery recycler to receive the R2: 2013 Standard. The recent certification further
enforces the company’s Quality, Environmental Health & Safety policy. Battery
Solutions is committed to developing a culture of constant improvement, both internally,
and with their partners, to guarantee the delivery of exceptional performance to their
employees, clients, business partners and shareholders.

The R2 “Responsible Recycling” Standard was developed after recognizing a need for an
all-inclusive certification program that addressed the operational and environmental
challenges in the electronics recycling industry. The Recycling Industry Operation
Standard  (RIOS) is the recycling industry’s standard for the quality, environmental
and health and safety (QEH&S) management systems.

“We are very excited to have taken what was once primarily a standard for electronic
scrap disposition and accomplished the first successful implementation specifically for
spent battery recycling,” said Thomas Bjarnemark, Battery Solutions CEO. “The
R2:2013 standard is very important to our clients because this gives a framework to track
the entire chain-of-custody of spent batteries downstream with more transparency than
the battery recycling industry has ever seen in the past. We decided as an organization to
become an industry leader and set the bar high for those organizations out there that may
be skirting the high environmental standards for short-sighted economic reasons.”