Akasol Unveils Battery Module with High Energy Density for Coaches and Trucks

May 14, 2018 | Product Brief | Akasol has introduced their first cylindrical-cells battery system with a high energy density (221 Wh/kg). AKAModule 60 CYC allows building high-energy battery systems thanks to its modular structure. This enables long distance journeys for commercial vehicles such as intercity coaches, buses and trucks while at the same time offering a long life-time. The compact size of AKAModule 60 CYC fits the PHEV2 standard module and can be built into its system environment. Despite its energy density, this 2,66-kWh battery module offers a power density of up to 433 W/kg and high cycle stability in comparison to other high-energy solutions (1,500 to 3,000 operative cycles). The new battery module will first be used in customer application trials at the end of 2018. Afterwards it will enter series production.

Both the high-performance battery systems with prismatic cells that are already available and the new high-energy battery systems operate with standardized liquid cooling that does not require exotic chemicals. Akasol works with a standard water-glycol-mix that is widely used in numerous applications of the automotive industry worldwide, for instance in engine cooling. Therefore, it’s not complicated to integrate and validate the necessary components for storing and circulating the cooling agent within the vehicle’s architecture. 

Stephen Raiser, Co-Founder and Head of Development at Akasol, said, “Our new cylindrical-cells battery module allows coaches, city buses and trucks to operate reliably on long distance journeys. Since the driving range of those vehicles increases significantly, the need for charging stations will decrease considerably for many applications. Demand and customer interest in our different solutions is high, which shows that the market is developing rapidly and that requirements on battery systems for commercial vehicles vary a lot. We enjoy applying our many years of experience to finding individual solutions for our clients.”