TrueXessory-PA – Optimum Cell Contacting for Pouch Cells

The TrueXessory-PA test item adapter by FuelCon has been especially developed for testing lithium-ion battery cells in “pouch design”. The TrueXessory-PA pouch adapter provides safe and simple contacting of all common types of cell formats.

The terminal lugs of the pouch cell are placed between contact plates made of nickel-plated copper. The fixation is realized by screws that can be tightened with a defined torque moment. Through this innovative concept, the reproducibility of testing results can be significantly increased.

The adapter is mounted onto a fully-anodized aluminum support plate that guarantees the exact and stable positioning of the pouch cell and optimum heat transfer. Due to the robust design and construction of the adapter and the support plate, the TrueXessory-PA is also well suited for pouch-cell testing in test chambers or testing directly on temperature plates.

Temperature measurements that are performed directly at the anode provide most precise measurement results. For the safe connection of the adapter to the charge/ discharge electronics of battery test stations the TrueXessory-PA is equipped with connections for load and sense lines.

Besides the time-optimized and safe cell contacting, the application of TrueXessory-PA pouch adapter offers an increase in the accuracy of measurement values to also meet the most challenging testing criteria in every respect.

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