FuelCon AG Develops System for Testing Zinc-Air Batteries

In the face of electric mobility, the zinc-air battery lately enjoys an increasing interest. Especially with its high energy density, the ability for recharging and the low raw material costs, this battery technology becomes extra attractive for the industry.

However, the zinc-air battery still needs an applicable design for realizing the storage of a larger energy quantity. In order to support researchers in responding to the current scientific and technical challenges, FuelCon has designed a test system for the special requirements of zinc-air batteries. The system of the Evaluator series provides both, material characterization and life cycle testing in a power range up to 5 kW. TheĀ  process engineering includes equipping the test system with multiple storage tanks for liquid media. This allows circulation of the zinc paste either through one storage tank (continuous flow) or via two different tanks (single pass) when life cycle test are performed. In order to ensure a constant concentration the tanks are continuously purged with nitrogen. All critical test system components such as tanks, pipes, valves and sensors are made of plastic (PFA, PVDF, PTFE). This avoids a corrosion of the components by aggressive media.

Extensive safety features for protecting persons, test item and laboratory environment complete the new Evaluator testing system. Besides the PLC, this includes, but is not limited to, a closed test cabinet made of anodized metal and an integrated ventilation system with gas warning sensors. The test systems enable the comparison, evaluation and optimization of battery cells and packs, as well as simulation of different requirements for customized applications.

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