Electronic Loads from MDL Offer Advanced, Economical Power Supply Testing

MDL-63200EThe 63200E series high power DC electronic loads from Chroma enable simple and economical testing of a wide range of power supplies, on-board chargers, batteries and other power electronics components. Available from MDL Technologies, the programmable loads offer market leading accuracies of up to 0.02 percent + 0.02 percent FS for voltage and 0.1 percent + 0.1 percent FS for current.

The range has three operating voltage options of 150 V, 600 V and 1,200 V, with models covering power ratings from 2 kW to 24 kW and up to 2,000 A in a single unit. When greater power is required up to 20 units can be linked together in parallel to produce a total power of 480 kW.

Among the features included are CC, CR, CV and CP modes, high speed programmable dynamic loading, short circuit simulation and smart fan control. Applications include high power EV battery discharge testing, charger stations, fuel cells, AC/DC power supplies, on-board chargers and burn-in testing.

Also available from MDL is the even more powerful Chroma 63200A series, which includes functions such as dynamic synchronous control to allow the generation of complex multi-channel transient profiles. They also accept digital data from DAQ cards or analogue data from function generators to allow user defined waveforms to be created.