Alber Introduces Battery Monitor for Utility Industry

Albércorp has introduced a real time battery monitor designed for utility bulk power systems that alerts of battery failures by trending over time to allow proactive battery replacements.  The Albér UXIM, Universal Xplorer Industrial Monitor, will enable the utilities industry to comply with NERC regulations requiring battery monitoring by automatically documenting complete and accurate maintenance records.

Batteries are the weakest link in any backup power chain and can fail abruptly and without warning. The cost of failures makes the cost of monitoring relatively insignificant, especially in large electric utilities where a power failure can result in millions of dollars in losses.

The Universal Xplorer Industrial Monitor (UXIM) will automate the NERC PRC-005 standard for battery maintenance, which will extend maintenance intervals and provide an  ROI. The Albér UXIM with patented DC resistance testing technology uses embedded web software or extreme battery detailed software (Battery Xplorer Enterprise) and allows for multiple remote communications and alarm options.




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