New Vyon Materials Safeguard from Battery Explosions

Porvair Filtration Group has developed cost-effective Vyon flame arrestor vents for use by battery manufacturers to safeguard from potential explosions in lead acid batteries. Vyon sintered porous plastic materials offer  chemical compatibility,  strength and are resistant to most acids. The new super hydrophobic material means that it will not “wet out”, preventing gas venting. It will also reduce the likelihood of acid spillage.

The potential for explosion within a lead acid battery arises when hydrogen gas created during normal operation reaches a specific hydrogen/oxygen concentration. However, Porvair’s battery vents have been used to release excess gas from lead acid batteries during operating cycles and prevent flame ingress into the battery. Porvair believes this has significant safety applications for long-term usage, aiding durability and functionality.

The creation of a flow path, by which gases released through the valve element can escape from the battery, prevent propagation of any potential flames. In addition to preventing sparks from entering the battery, battery vents provide controlled airflow and venting.