B&W MEGTEC Introduces the GigaCoater for Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes

September 22, 2017 | Product Brief | Babcock & Wilcox MEGTEC (B&W MEGTEC) has launched the GigaCoater wide-web coating line for lithium-ion battery electrodes. Developed to provide high-volume production of battery electrodes, each GigaCoater can produce up to 3 GWhr of electrode per year on average. The GigaCoater coating platform utilizes B&W MEGTEC’s exclusive simultaneous 2-sided coating system.

“The energy storage industry is demanding a significant reduction in production costs in combination with increased yields and product quality,” said Jeff Quass, vice president of technology and development, B&W MEGTEC. “The GigaCoater offers increased foil width and faster speeds. Coupled with our simultaneous two-sided coating system, the GigaCoater provides a simplified coating line that approximately doubles manufacturing capacity within the same footprint as a single-side sequential line.”

The dual-coating method, in combination with coating rheology and GigaCoater machine properties, maximizes production time and delivers in-line quality control. Additional GigaCoater specifications include: web width of 1,300 mm, coating width of 1,200 mm, mechanical speed of 50/m/min, and wet coat weight of up to 400 gsm/side.

“Manufacturing large quantities of lithium-ion battery cells requires a significant change and dimensional up-scaling of the production equipment and output per line to achieve industry targets,” Quass said. “At the same time, the benefits of two-sided simultaneous coating technology become increasingly important the wider and faster coating lines are required to get.”

The GigaCoater maximizes manufacturing at a lower total production cost with 50 percent to 70 percent  less floor space than typical single-side coating operations, which allows for more efficient plant layouts and thermal efficiencies that deliver lower energy requirements.