Battery Vent Range Represents Step Forward for Industry Safety

MM0705_Porous-plastic-mouldingsA producer of high performance filtration and separation technology is driving fresh innovation across its wide range of battery vents. Porvair Filtration Group supplies high strength Vyon materials, available in Polyethylene and Polypropylene, to lead acid battery manufacturers, preventing the build-up of explosive gases and stopping dangerous sparks propagating back inside the battery.

The potential for explosion within a lead-acid battery occurs when hydrogen gas created during normal operation reaches a specific Hydrogen/Oxygen concentration. While ceramic vents have historically been used to release excess gas from lead-acid batteries during operating cycles and prevent flame ingress into the battery, these have several disadvantages including poor handling during automated assembly and a relatively high manufacturing cost. Porvair’s porous Vyon materials, instead, offer greater cost-effectiveness and flexibility in the ever more demanding environment of automated battery assembly.

The Vyon vent benefits from simplicity of assembly, making it well suited for all lead-acid battery vent applications.

Manufactured from both sintered polyethylene and polypropylene materials, the vent can be secured into the battery by a wide range of industry standard ultrasonic and heat welding techniques.

Porvair’s battery vents and flame arrestors can be manufactured in a variety of formats, shapes and sizes, including complex 3D shapes, moulded or rotary-cut discs or plugs, moulded or seam-welded cylinders.

The company’s wide range of material options, which can be manufactured in various material formats and shapes, means that it can define the optimum solution for each problem.