QuickCable Corp. Launches a Group 31 Multi Battery Harness

Overmolded_WebQuickCable Corp., a manufacturer of connectors, cable/cable assemblies, tools, and accessories for the energy storage industry, has introduced its new Group 31 multi-battery wire harness designed to link two or more batteries together. The multi-battery harnesses are a cost effective solution for OEM replacement assemblies in heavy duty vehicles and equipment.

The Group 31 harnesses protect cable and connectors from corrosion, due to the extreme/harsh environments they exist in. These wire harnesses are ideal for applications that use multiple group 31 batteries in heavy duty transportation, fleet service and tractor/trailer supply. The addition of this line will enhance the existing offering to our heavy duty and fleet support markets.

“QuickCable understands these support businesses value efficiency and ease of use,” said Teri Kelly, product manager, QuickCable. “The harnesses will simplify maintenance replacement operations as well as provide a quality alternative to OEM assemblies.”