Air Cooling Options for Industrial Lithium Battery

­corvusCorvus Energy has announced a new product innovation, the CUBE air-­cooled rack system for their AT6500 lithium ion battery modules.  The standard AT6500 module is the world’s first lithium battery to be specifically engineered for use in hybrid drive systems of commercial vessels. The battery helped define the hybrid industry in industrial and marine markets and has been deployed in more than 90 percent of large commercial marine systems world-­wide. Heat buildup in these modules is exchanged with ambient air passively through a heat-­sink.

The CUBE air-­cooled rack system provides a built-­in duct and plenum system that facilitates circulation of cooled air around the modules. The system is highly configurable; the ducting can be tuned to keep all modules in an array at the same temperature, regardless of where in the array they are located.   Not only does the CUBE system prevent temperature gradients across large battery arrays, but it also provides a meaningful improvement in power-­handling capability.

The standard AT6500 system is the only one to carry Type Approvals from DNV GL, Lloyd’s Register and American Bureau of Shipping.