NetObjex Changes Mobile Charging Station Market with Smart Dongle Technology

netobjexNetObjex has developed an IoT enabled Smart Dongle device used with Mobile Charging Stations. The Smart Dongle is a power regulator device that integrates with existing Mobile Charging stations.  It includes hardware, software and firmware components. This Smart Dongle is part of NetObjex’s Device Platform consisting of smart edge devices that plug into the “last mile” providing customers with complete, end to end IoT solutions.  The NetObjex multi-faceted solutions include cloud based IoT CMS, IoT Mobile Platform and Real-Time Analytics.

This first-of-its-kind smart dongle is being deployed to venues where it can regulate power from a mobile phone charging station to a mobile phone during the charging phase in exchange for consumers answering a survey or watching an ad.  In Retail, it has been proven that consumers can be enticed, engaged and retained through the use of Free Wifi, and Free Mobile Phone charging. NetObjex has developed a line of smart mobile charging solutions for venues with high foot traffic such as retail outlets or trade shows.  These solutions contain but are not limited to sensors, the NetObjex Smart Dongle and beacons.  They enable NetObjex clients to collect data, store the data in the cloud and then analyze it.  The ability to engage with consumers during the charging process enables businesses to create an opportunity that can improve stickiness with consumers while generating revenues.