SimpliPhi Power Unveils High Voltage Energy Storage Solution for Commercial and Industrial Applications

SimpliPhi Power has introduced a high-voltage energy storage battery for commercial and industrial markets that leverages the same high efficiency, cobalt-free and scalable core technology as its low-voltage lithium-ion storage solutions. The modular high-voltage batteries are compatible with industry standard single- and three-phase inverters in systems that require 250 kWh to MWhs of reserves for a broad range of off-grid, back-up, peak shaving and energy arbitrage applications.

“Looking at the C&I space, we wanted to offer the same modular and scalable power storage advancements achieved with our low-voltage batteries in a solution that could integrate with high voltage inverters without the need for thermal regulation or cooling,” said SimpliPhi CEO Catherine Von Burg. “Our efficient form factor and performance profile allows customers to optimize their power capacity by significantly reducing the weight and size per kWh of available energy. We will be able to eliminate some of the logistics and costs typically associated with large-scale installations due to cumbersome battery banks that require shallow discharge profiles and extended charge/discharge rates to protect capacity and cycle life.”

SimpliPhi’s 98 percent efficiency rate, 100 percent depth of discharge, two hour (or less) discharge rate and modular form factor translate into smaller installations that can maximize the square footage dedicated to useable power reserves in commercial and industrial applications. This smaller, modular form factor also eliminates the need for forklifts and significantly reduces the oversized blocks of batteries normally required to achieve the same power output capacity due to shallow discharging and longer charge/discharge rates.  The lack of thermal regulation and cooling also maximizes efficiencies in the overall design and cost of installation over time (LCOE).

Additionally, the modular design of the SimpliPhi batteries suits an on-site distributed model, where high-voltage back up power can be installed on each building at an industrial facility, military base or school, for example. This is a key benefit for facilities with distributed renewable generation on site as it eliminates trenching requirements and inefficiencies characteristic of line losses.