K2 Energy Solutions, Inc. Releases U1 Battery

March 13, 2018 | Product Brief | K2 Energy Solutions has announced two new U1 battery models available in 12 and 24 volts. K2’s proprietary Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) technology increases the cycle life and depth of discharge capabilities of this U1 Battery line, surpassing similar lead-acid batteries on the market. Moreover, the inherently safe characteristics of LFP should not be overlooked because LFP is less susceptible to thermal runaway due to limited release of oxygen if abused.

In addition, the U1 battery has a built-in module protecting it from short circuiting, over charging, and over discharging. K2 believes that its commitment to quality along with the product’s safety, longevity, and other features will directly benefit companies maintaining or relying on large installations of U1 type batteries.

“This 24-volt U1 Battery is going to replace many lead acid batteries in existing and new applications,” said David Anderson, Business Development Manager at K2, “The ability to easily drop in a battery of the same footprint and half the weight and see superior performance will be eye opening to industries relying on U1 batteries.” Explaining these benefits, Mr. Anderson said, “When a traditional 24-volt lead acid system fails, both of the series batteries must be replaced at the same time. Now, with a K2 Energy 12 or 24-volt U1 Battery, there is no need to worry about the series connection. Simply replace the bad unit or add more battery units in parallel for additional capacity. This design feature increases flexibility while simplifying maintenance procedures.”

K2’s U1 LFP technology presents substantial value by providing 12 V/24 V options, longer cycle life, reduced weight, increased safety, and ultimately lower cost of ownership.