K2 Energy Expands “Next Generation Ultra Line” to Include High-Capacity Energy Cells and Packs

After unveiling the power cell in the K2 Ultra Line, K2 Energy has expanded the Ultra Line to include lightweight, improved capacity energy cells. The Next Generation Ultra Energy Cell, available in two form factors, the 3.3 volt, 1.7 amp hour 18650UE and the 3.3 volt, 3.7 amp hour 26650UE, will offer customers increased energy capacity in the same cylindrical format as previous generation cells, allowing for more energy storage and discharge capability while using fewer cells than previous models. In comparison to other energy cells, K2 Energy has increased the discharge capacity of the Ultra Energy Cells by 15 percent without compromising the battery’s cycle life, safety or power handling capabilities that are customary with the company’s proprietary K2|LiFePO4 chemistry.

Next Generation Ultra Energy Cells can be used in a wide variety of applications, including emergency lighting backup or backup power; electric vehicles; solar energy storage and backup; computer server backup; and military backup applications including microgrid energy storage. And, as is standard with all of K2 Energy’s products, this line is built with K2’s proven LFP technology, resulting in a safer, longer lasting, more environmentally sustainable product than conventional batteries.