High Energy Density NSB 210FT Red and Blue+

NorthStar Battery has introduced two new products that deliver 10 percent more backup power in a similar footprint to a 190FT. The new NSB 210FT Red and Blue+ Batteries use a unique 23-inch case and handle design that frees up space for more of NorthStar’s proven AGM thin plate technology, setting a new standard for high energy density 12V telecom batteries.

“Our customers are facing numerous challenges: lack of space in urban sites, high temperatures and unstable power grids,” said NorthStar CTO Frank Fleming. “Our new 210FT batteries address all of these issues. We’re very pleased to offer this breakthrough – and our customers are pleased too!”

The NSB 210FT Red Battery uses pure lead thin plates for reliable performance and a long float life, even at elevated temperatures.

The NSB 210FT Blue+ Battery to deliver fast recharge and high PSOC cyclic performance, for long life on unstable power grids, and impressive fuel savings when used with hybrid telecom power systems.

“We’re always looking to push the boundaries of lead-acid technology to give our customers the advantage,” said Frank. “With this new design we have a lot more space to work with, and our manufacturing process means we can pack a lot of power into that space.”