Panasonic Introduces Pin Type Lithium Ion Battery

panasonicPanasonic Corp. has developed a Pin Type Lithium Ion battery (CG-320A, nominal capacity 15.0 mAh) with a diameter of 3.65 mm and a weight of 0.6g. This battery is suitable for powering small applications such as wearable devices. This product, in addition to being a small cylindrical shaped rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, features high reliability and high output required for near-field communications (NFC). Mass production and shipping began in 2015.

The full-scale introduction of wearable device products, anticipated widely as the next wave in mobile devices after smartphones, is expected to affect a wide variety of applications. Rechargeable batteries, the power source for wearable devices, will be small and light as well as feature a high level of reliability and performance.

Panasonic has leveraged its engineering expertise to produce this product. An exterior stainless steel can provides dimensional stability. This design is suitable for slim devices such as pen-shaped or spherical shaped products.