New Prismatic Semi-Smart Standard Battery Pack with Charger

RRC-SSC1120RRC has enhanced its standard battery pack series to include a single-cell prismatic Li-Ion battery. It is characterized by a slim and compact design with high energy density. The special feature of this 1S1P configuration consists in the use of smart technology features in combination with a prismatic Li-ion cell. The electronics contain a gas gauge and security features, e.g. voltage, current and temperature monitoring. This data can be transferred via I²C interface between the battery and the application. The RRC1120 is a standard Li-Ion Smart Single Cell Pack with 3.7 V at 2,000 mAh and 7.4 Wh. The battery pack comes standard with worldwide approvals.

With the RRC1120 you get a completely designed (off-the-shelf) standard battery which allows you to develop smaller and lighter weight portable applications with long runtime, and no NRE costs.

A compatible battery charger also will be available. The RRC-SCC1120 is a 5 Watt desktop charger that is custom tailored to the RRC1120 battery pack. Comprehensive approvals will allow worldwide usage.