Anton/Bauer Elora Modular Battery System

AntonBauerAnton/Bauer, a Vitec Group brand and provider of mobile power systems for the healthcare industry, has announced that its Elora Modular Battery System is now available to the marketplace. The system is designed to transform battery management for any portable point-of-care technology, including mobile workstations, vital signs monitors and EKG monitors, and meet strict agency safety standards, such as the IEC 60601-1 3rd edition.

The Elora Modular Battery System enables uninterrupted workflow by eliminating the time intensive and onerous tasks previously associated with battery management, ensuring that nurses and other healthcare professionals can now dedicate additional focus to patient care.

Weighing four pounds, this lightweight, impact resistant, ergonomic and stylishly designed battery charges in approximately four hours, requires virtually no maintenance, and most importantly, provides 100 percent uptime. The Elora 240 Battery builds on Anton/Bauer’s technology, including advanced protection circuitry to ensure long battery life.

The Elora Charger is a wall mounted cabinet that can charge three Elora Batteries simultaneously, in approximately four hours. The  “Smart Indicator” feature illuminates a green LED light to indicate which battery should be used next to ensure proper cycling and maximized life. As infection control is a top priority for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, Anton/Bauer utilizes the latest UV LED technology to aid in the disinfection of the battery’s surfaces during its charge cycle. Anton/Bauer’s  technology also employs charge protocols designed to deliver the right charge routine for each battery based upon the prevailing conditions. These “smart” protocols ensure each battery charges as quickly and as safely as possible.

The Elora Battery Interface can integrate with nearly every mobile workstation, patient monitoring system, or mobile medical device that requires power. The scalable, small form factor battery interface is designed for easy battery installation and removal, as well as a secure battery fit. Using “bridge power,” the Elora Battery Interface contains an internal battery to provide enough backup power to swap out a depleted Elora 240 battery for a fully charged one. The Elora Battery Interface also allows any healthcare facility to standardize on a single power system, eliminating battery related problems across multiple device platforms.

The Elora Modular Battery System recently underwent beta testing at Waterbury Hospital in Connecticut. “I foresee multiple uses for the Elora Battery System in the hospital,” said Monica Doyle, Assistant Manager, Customer Service Support, Waterbury Hospital IT Dept. “I can see them on any type of device needing mobile battery power, especially as there is no power cord. With a fleet of them, they would offer great flexibility for our hospital’s battery workflow. The nurses really like that the Elora Batteries don’t need power cords. That freedom allows the nurses to be much more mobile, and it adds a lot of flexibility to their daily workflow.”