December 2013

  • Comparison Between Flat and Tubular Positive Plates in Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Seeking Mobile Device Experts
  • Solicore Releases Digitally Printed Battery
  • 500°F Gas-Fired Belt Conveyor Oven
  • 80 V Buck-Boost Lead Acid & Lithium Battery Charging Controller Actively Finds
  • True Maximum Power Point in Solar Applications
  • KEMET Expands Product Portfolio with Large Cell Supercapacitors and Modules
  • Advanced Batteries Reached $10.8 Billion in Market Value in 2012, According to Navigant Research
  • New Spectroscopic Technique Could Accelerate the Push for Better Batteries
  • Pressure Cooking to Improve Electric Car Batteries
  • Alliance for Wireless Power Achieves Major Milestone in Global Product Certification

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