Wireless Power Standards Bodies A4WP and PMA Merge to Form Organization

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA) have announced the signing of the merger agreement between the two organizations.  The merger positions the combined organization as a leader in wireless charging, bridging two core wireless charging technologies. The transaction establishes a core charging standard supporting a wide range of consumer, medical, military and industrial applications.

The new organization, to be renamed later this year, has retained key leaders and contributors within all working groups including technical, testing and certification, regulatory and marketing. Since the announcement of the merger letter of intent at the International CES 2015, the two organizations have been preparing an integration plan designed to  combine the operations of the two organizations. The integration process is now underway and will follow with a coordinated product roadmap showcasing the collaborative efforts.

“The combination of equal partners in support of a vision for wireless power with an initial focus on consumer applications is on schedule and provides a clear path for industry to shift to volume economics,” said Dr. Kamil Grajski, Board Chair and president, Alliance for Wireless Power. “Combined, we have rededicated our commitment to delivering timely high quality technical specifications and a world-class certification program to support members’ innovative solutions.”

“This new organization is uniquely positioned to accelerate and grow the wireless charging market.  From the start we are putting our efforts behind increasing consumer awareness of wireless charging, backed by our marquee member roster,” said Ron Resnick, president, Power Matters Alliance. “The ability to choose the right technology with added intelligence, the depth and breadth of our membership, and commitment to excellence will enable consumers to more rapidly experience the true potential that wireless power has to offer today, tomorrow, and into the future.”

With deep leadership expertise in wireless power and other innovative technologies, A4WP president Dr. Kamil Grajski and PMA president Ron Resnick will remain in executive positions as chairman and president, respectively. Under the merged board, the organization supports today’s most popular devices while paving the way for enhancements in scalability and intelligence. The new organization boasts over 170 member companies comprised of global technology brand, supply chain and market leaders, including board member companies AT&T, Broadcom, Flextronics, Gill Electronics, Integrated Device Technologies, Intel, MediaTek, Powermat Technologies, Procter & Gamble, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Starbucks and WiTricity.

Consumers can expect to gain access to an exciting and enhanced wireless battery charging and power management experience sooner across the full spectrum of devices in daily use.  Mobile network operators and commercial and retail brands can commit to the necessary investment confident of stable, long-term evolution and management of innovative wireless charging technologies.  For the consumer electronics industry, in particular, the benefit is the creation of a competitive, multi-source and innovative supplier base to drive value-added features into product roadmaps across a broad range of devices from Bluetooth headsets to wearables to smartphones, and on up to tablets, notebooks and laptops, among many others.