Solicore Announces Key Patent Awards

Solicore has been awarded several key thin-film battery patents. The first award for Polymer Matrix Electrolyte, expands Solicore’s extensive Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio to include a critical component patent in India, Japan and Korea. This award protects a key IP element that allows the thin film lithium batteries produced by Solicore to appear to be in a solid-state, while enabling flexibility and keeping the battery heat resistant and safe for use in a variety of applications.

“The Polymer Matrix Electrolyte is the key IP component which differentiates the Solicore family of batteries from the competition,” stated Dan Tillwick, COO of Solicore. “It is this critical layer within the battery that allows for the flexibility, while also providing the necessary current flow within the battery.”

The second critical patent award was issued in the United States and applies to the printing of the lithium anode within the printed battery produced by Solicore. This key technology breakthrough allows for lithium to be transitioned from a sheet or ribbon to a printed media. This new method is the key component to the successful production of both the screen printed and digital printed batteries designed and developed by Solicore.

Solicore continues to lead the embedded power industry, both in its current line of Flexion batteries produced in the millions, to enabling and developing next generation products and innovations to further both the scale and flexibility of design required to meet the market demands and needs.