mPower Technologies in Second Stage Prototype with a Product in a New Category

mPower Technologies Inc. (, the consumer products subsidiary of mPhase Technologies, Inc. (XDSL), has announced the development of a second stage prototype of a new product. The product remains in the battery category but breaks away from the automotive market. This new device opens channels outside of the markets of rechargeable batteries for vehicles and will serve the consumer and industrial markets. The new product is expected to launch in the summer of 2015. mPower has also found that the “green” aspect of this product is of broad interest and the prototype is likely to be introduced at a tradeshow this spring.

mPower has successfully branded three emergency portable jumpstarters with the fourth jumpstarter about to enter the pre-order phase for April delivery. The development of this new product outside of the automotive vehicle industry is an exciting opportunity for the company. The mPower Jump branding has been successful to date and with product development in new categories, the brand is expected to strengthen even further.