Husqvarna Group and BMZ in Strategic Partnership for Future Battery Development

Husqvarna Group and BMZ GmbH, a system provider and specialist for intelligent battery solutions, has entered into a Strategic Partnership agreement. The agreement covers development and manufacturing of future generation lithium-ion batteries for Husqvarna Group’s forestry, lawn and garden products.

In order to further increase the competitiveness of Husqvarna Group’s offering and drive the penetration of battery powered products in the forestry, lawn and garden market, Husqvarna Group and BMZ has signed a strategic partnership to develop the most competitive battery and charger products for Husqvarna Group. Combining the core competencies of both organizations through a joint development team will reduce time to market and increase innovation capability.

BMZ has established a leading position in the lithium-ion rechargeable battery market and is currently Husqvarna Group’s largest supplier of battery packs and will retain this position with this strategic partnership.

The partnership will extend to development, manufacturing and the supply of batteries and chargers for Husqvarna Group, including development of automated production techniques and capabilities for such purposes. To facilitate this, a joint operation has been set up from October 1st at BMZ’s premise in Karlstein, Germany with permanent personnel from both Husqvarna Group and BMZ.