Epec Expands Manufacturing Facility to Accommodate Business Growth

inventory-management-servicesEpec Engineered Technologies recently expanded by adding additional manufacturing space to their North American headquarters. By adding an additional 4,000 sq ft of manufacturing space in New Bedford, MA to their existing 20,000 sq ft, Epec has been able to optimize their manufacturing process for two product lines: custom battery packs and fans & motors, along with re-configuring their warehouse and quality control areas to improve product flow through their test and assembly process.

“We have doubled the number of people in manufacturing over the last three months and with the 20percent plus growth that we have seen in 2014, the added space was needed to continue to allow us to meet customer needs,” said Marc LeClair, VP of Operations.

The increase in space was in part related to the recent change in energy efficiency requirements by Energy Star. The mandate pushed a significant reduction in the power consumption of commercial refrigeration units, which created a spike in demand for the ECplus Motor. New and existing Epec customers took notice and have since started to invest more in energy efficient fans and motors.

“Investing in expansion has been one of the reasons that Epec has grown so much in the past 10 years, as every company must be improving their capabilities to continue to provide value to their customers,” said Ed McMahon, CEO.  “We also needed additional space as our printed circuit board business has grown over 13 percent in 2014 due to our willingness and ability to provide inventory management services for our customers.”

 The success of 2014 leaves Epec with a strong predication of what is in store for 2015. Epec is certain that they will have to look into increasing their manufacturing facility once again to keep up with their customer’s demands.