Alevo Granted Key Battery Cell Patent by US Patent Office

Alevo SA has announced that its Alevo Research AG subsidiary has been granted a key US patent relating to the cell construction of its Alevo Battery Technology. The patent, US 9,263,745 B2, includes a comprehensive description of Alevo’s cell construction including the thick-electrode technology and complements patents US 9,209, 458 B2 and US 9,023,538 B2, both granted in 2015.

Taken in combination, these three patents not only provide a high level of protection but also underscore the differences between the Alevo technology and other rechargeable lithium battery systems. The most recent inventions include breakthrough advances which have made it possible to build rechargeable cells showing high robustness and extraordinary cycle life, goals which earlier technologies are unable to meet.

“The Alevo Battery Technology has many unique qualities especially in terms of longevity and the number of cycles our batteries can accomplish,” said Per Dybwad, CEO of Alevo SA. “The cell patents we have been granted are very comprehensive and include a very full description of the cell design. This builds on the patent protection already granted to us for our non-flammable, inorganic and high conductivity electrolyte. Taken together the patents for our cell design and electrolyte means that we now have an overarching protection across all components of the entire cell.”