EquaLink Battery Management System

sbsEquaLink, from Storage Battery Systems,  offers a new diagnostic and monitoring features that are essential in maintaining critical operating parameters required by NERC and IEEE as part of a comprehensive battery maintenance program.

Using a series of integrated modules and web-based technology, EquaLink accurately monitors three key parameters: temperature, internal resistance and voltage of every individual battery in the system. Through its patented voltage balancing process, the EquaLink system calibrates the charging voltage of all batteries with the charger’s target value, keeping all batteries within the optimal voltage operating range.

The EquaLink system uses a method of impedance measurement called synchronous detection. It sends out an impedance waveform analysis where the waveform is dependent on the UPS technology and begins to take impedance snapshots. The system then takes the entire impedance measurements, including Resistance and Reactance, and pulls out the pure resistive value of the battery. This will isolate any frequency-related AC signals. What we see with this type of impedance measurement is with the DC link open or closed the margin of error between measurements is very low and repeatable so there are no false positives.