Hirose Develops 150 Amp Single-Circuit Storage Battery Connector

Hirose-PS3C-Series-PR-ImageHirose  has introduced the PS3C series connector, a high power, single circuit (position) cable connector supporting 150 Amps for storage battery applications. The PS3C series is designed with a highly reliable blade contact that features a clip-like structure and bellows contacts with multiple contact points. This structure lowers contact resistance and enables high current flow.

A non-polarized connector, the PS3C series connector offers cabling solutions that support various storage battery layouts. The PS3C series has a small, right-angle receptacle that maintains a low profile to the battery unit surface, reducing the occupied area in the battery unit area and offering significant space savings.

Red or black housings with guide keys provide mechanical and visual safety mechanisms that prevent mis-mating between the plus and minus electrodes. This is important in systems utilizing multiple connectors to ensure proper connectivity.

“Hirose has further strengthened its family of storage battery connectors with the PS3C series.” said Rick van Weezel, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Hirose Electric USA. “The PS3C Series is an important addition to our product offering, as it combines a space savings of 32 percent with ruggedness, reliability and ease of assembly.”

Assembly is simple, and standard commercial crimp terminals can be used with the applicable cable of 50, 38, 22, and 14 square mm (1/0, 2, 4, and 6 AWG) cable. The PS3C supports the use of a hard lock nut, eliminating the re-tightening process of male contact connection. No special tool is required for assembly, allowing for convenient and efficient field assembly.

The PS3C series connector receptacle and plug features a slim design with IP2X finger protection to keep operators and installers safe.

The PS3C series is RoHS-compliant, as well as UL, C-UL, and TUV certified. With an operating temperature covering a range of -40°C to 105°C, the PS3C series has a rated power voltage of 1,000 VAC/DC, contact resistance is 0.3 milliohms, and an insulation resistance of 5,000 Megaohms minimum at 250 VDC.