Wurth Electronic Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Coils Featured in Semtech’s Wireless Charging System

Created for charging high-power applications, Wurth Electronics wireless charging coils are now featured in Semtech’s LinkCharge 20. LinkCharge 20 is the only available inductive wireless charging system beyond 15 watts that is backwards compatible. It uses a proprietary protocol for transmitter/receiver communication up to 20 watts, and is also fully backwards compatible to existing standards at 5 to 15 watts.

“LinkCharge 20 addresses the need for a wireless charging solution that can support high-power applications,” said Ruwanga Dassanayake, Product Line Manager for Semtech’s Power and High-Reliability Products Group. “Our diverse portfolio of wireless charging devices can accommodate low-, medium-, and high-power devices, in order to help scale wireless charging integration into everyday consumer electronics to industrial equipment and more.”

The transmitter coils, 760308103102 and 760308110, featured in Semtech’s LinkCharge 20, are part of a series of high efficiency wireless charging coils offered by Wurth Electronics. The LinkCharge 20 system is well suited for high-power industrial applications such as power tools, appliances, medical instruments, and automation systems.

“We are very happy to successfully collaborate with Semtech on this platform,” said Thibault Paillier, Strategic Partnership Manager at Wurth Electronics.