Simultaneous Two-Bay Charger for Smart Bus Batteries

EnergyAccessEnergy Access, Inc. has released its SBS-4002 charger platform.  This development in battery charging allows the user to charge two batteries simultaneously and allows for recalibration in both bays of the charger.

The SBS-4002 is a two bay, level-3 stand-alone battery charger that is compliant with the standard Smart Battery System.  As such, it can charge any type of battery chemistry pack that adheres to the System Management Bus (SMBus) specifications.  The two bays are charged simultaneously, and a discharge can be optionally performed in either bay for automatic recalibration of fuel gauges.

The SBS-4002 can provide a maximum charge current of 4,000 mA to each bay.  Since it can handle packs with voltages up to 34 V, the unit has been qualified with a number of external power supplies ranging from 60 W to 120 W.  A proprietary power sharing system has also been incorporated to maximize power usage and minimize charging times.

The SBS-4002 platform is available in housings that mate with most standard battery footprints including the -201, -202, and -204 style.  Innovative plastic tooling allows for custom footprints with minimal NRE costs.  Also, a new large-format housing is available for today’s expanded pack sizes.