Lithium Ion Battery Charger GT-93023

The latest Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery charger designs from GlobTek implement multiple redundant safety features to prevent failure and damage to batteries and systems while mitigating risk and lengthening battery life.

In response to increased concern and requirements of portable equipment and device manufacturers for safety related to Li-Ion batteries, GlobTek’s latest generation battery charger designs include numerous redundant safety features that communicate with electronics to prevent failure or damage of the battery pack during charging. Aside from safety, the charger includes many features to maintain and lengthen battery life.

The GlobTek GT-93023-12012  is a customized bespoke multiple bay battery charger designed to charge five battery packs in unison. The customer specifies a battery pack consisting of Panasonic CGA103450A 103450 sized prismatic cells in a 3S2P configuration. The customized bespoke battery pack has a built-in fuel gauge and protection circuit while not including an NTC. Battery pack and cell temperature can be read from one of the registers inside the fuel gauge IC.

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