NEC Energy Introduces Breakthrough 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Batteries for Tough, Critical Applications

NEC Energy Solutions, an energy storage solution provider, has announced production availability of the ALM 12V35 product line of 12-volt batteries that offers higher performance, longer life and robust safety compared to standard lead-acid batteries or other lithium-ion products.  With its EverSafe battery protection technology, the ALM 12V35 is immune to short circuit, overvoltage, under voltage and other common accidental battery abuse conditions.  In addition, it can be  assembled into battery arrays of 24 V, 36 V, or 48 V for up to 350 Ah and 18 kWh systems with no additional BMS devices necessary.

The ALM 12V35 batteries are dropin alternatives to common 12-volt, 35 amp-hour lead acid batteries and are breakthrough solutions that significantly extend the service life and reduce the total cost of ownership of energy storage systems used with telecommunication equipment, remote off-grid power systems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), medical carts, and solar photo voltaic systems.  The ALM 12V35 is especially well suited for deep cycling applications such as weak and off-grid power systems, including remote wireless base stations, oil and gas infrastructure, and portable lighting and signage systems.

“Through in-house and field testing, LiiON has determined that the ALM 12V35 exceeds the performance and life expectations of traditional back-up power solutions used in stable, weak, or off-grid environments,” said Gary Gray, CEO of LiiON LLC, a developer of high-performance power systems. “We look forward to the opportunity to apply the ALM technology to specific telecom and other standby power applications.”

The cycle and float life, high power performance, unparalleled safety features and integrated intelligence fundamentally change how power system developers may design, service, and support battery back-up systems.

“Customers increasingly need reliable and cost effective energy storage solutions in telecommunication and UPS back-up power, medical carts, and off-grid power systems that address deep cycling in even harsh environment. The ALM 12V35 is well suited for critical applications and provides the performance and intelligent features to meet the demanding needs,” said Bud Collins, CEO of NEC Energy Solutions.

The ALM 12V35 offers system engineers the flexibility to match application requirements with standard  and intelligent models. The intelligent ALM 12V35i is offered with integrated CAN Bus or SMbus communications for access to critical battery status, usage tracking, state of charge (SOC), runtime to empty and other parameters.