Alpha Technologies Solves the Small Cell Power Dilemma

alphaAlpha Technologies Ltd. has launched a new power system that addresses the major challenges associated with powering outdoor Small Cells. The new product, called Cellect, integrates battery backup with an AC/DC power supply in a compact, sealed enclosure designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments.

Unlike other power systems for distributed wireless applications, the Cellect 600 delivers 600 watts of output power through six sealed connection ports, with the ability to be individually cycled remotely. The Cellect 600 provides more than 10 minutes of battery backup at full load, to withstand the majority of interruptions in the AC grid. The lightweight (25 lbs.), low profile (16 inches by 9 inches by 6 inches) enclosure is equipped with a universal mounting bracket, making it easy-to-install by a single technician on telecom poles, light poles or on the side of a building. While designed as a zero maintenance power supply with a unique battery and an industry leading warranty, the Cellect 600 also offers high efficiency power conversion as well as advanced monitoring and control, including SNMP, at both the system level and for individual circuits