Exide’s GNB Launches Marathon Battery Brand for Motive Power

gnb The range is designed to increase customer profitability and drive down total cost of ownership.

The Marathon name highlights the brand’s focus on efficiency, durability and long-term results. The Marathon slogan is “Running for your business”, presenting the customer-centric focus that is central to this battery range.

All the products in the Marathon range can be upgraded to include an air agitation system, branded as +Air. This improves return on investment by reducing energy consumption, water consumption and maintenance costs. Additionally, +Air speeds up the charging process, allows opportunity charging and increases capital utilization rates.

Marathon Excell is a low-maintenance battery offering improved energy efficiency. It is fully recyclable and offers a reduced CO2 footprint. Extended watering intervals are a key feature, achieved by combining GNB’s unique high-performance alloy with an optimized charging regime. Marathon Excell is robust and flexible, effective in a wide range of applications. Cost of ownership can be further reduced by upgrading to Marathon Excell+Air.

Marathon Aqua is designed to require minimal maintenance, which drives down labor costs and increases profitability for customers. Water-refilling intervals can be extended up to 200 cycles. This is achieved through a unique GNB alloy, a cell design allowing for a high electrolyte reservoir and an optimized charging regime. Aqua has high cycle life, a reduced CO2 footprint and is fully recyclable. Businesses using the product can significantly reduce operating expenses, and even stronger performance can be achieved by upgrading to Marathon Aqua+Air.

Each product in the new range caters to a different segment of the market. GNB works with customers to understand their individual needs, suggesting the products that will lead to the strongest return on investment.