March 2015

  • Resolving the Hidden Vulnerability in Security Systems
  • Alber Delivers the Battery Monitoring Solutions You Need
  • Expanding Technology for Advanced Battery Applications & Fuel Cells
  • C&D Technologies New Pure-Lead Plus Battery Technology
  • New IDT Wireless Power Chipset Untethers Tablets and Phablets
  • Xtorm Launches Power Pack for iPhone 6 Plus
  • Ashland Launches Binders for Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • ICCNexergy Introduces Rugged Lithium-Ion 12 Volt Battery for Seismic Exploration
  • Panasonic’s Lithium Primary Batteries Mounted in the Asteroid Explorer Hayabusa2
  • Corvus Energy Announces Energy Storage System Order for Two New Battery Hybrid Ferries
  • First Standard for Energy Storage Systems Being Developed

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