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CPG Unveils Upgrades to “Insight for Batteries” Predictive Analytics Service with Automated Time to Replace Metric

June 29, 2021




United States

CPG, North America’s premier end-to-end data center technology partner, today unveiled upgrades to its cloud-based Insight for Batteries predictive analytics and monitoring platform, which now includes advanced machine learning algorithms that automate time to replace (TTR) predictions while supporting continued trend analysis, as well as critical alarm notifications that help mitigate the risk of load-loss.

Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, CPG Insight for Batteries integrates with existing battery monitoring hardware from all leading manufacturers to provide an integrated presentation of battery asset performance and accurately predict the number of days until a replacement unit is needed. This allows for specific prioritization and planning of replacement efforts across all data center battery assets and enables broader automation and prioritization of alarm handling.

“Data center batteries are among the most cost-intensive and mission-critical investments that operators must make regularly. The old rule for replacement – better safe than sorry – inevitably results in batteries being replaced far sooner than is really necessary,” said Tom Mertz, CEO, CPG. “With the performance-based management approach of CPG’s Insights for Batteries cloud-based battery analytics software, data center operators can significantly reduce their maintenance costs and increase the ROI of each and every battery.”

Through the CPG Insight Center portal, data center operators gain a holistic, real-time view of battery performance data, including temperature, bus voltage, past alerts and more. In addition, the service includes weekly reviews and consultation from CPG’s battery experts, who provide detailed reporting and actionable recommendations to help optimize battery asset lifespans and offer replacement services to address critical issues. Now with TTR, customers can easily see and plan for required replacements within their normal budgeting cycles.


To celebrate the upgraded cloud platform, CPG is making Insight for Batteries available free of charge to new customers with existing battery monitoring hardware. As part of the six-month free trial promotion, new customers gain:

  • User accounts and training
  • Data upload of battery monitoring history, when available
  • Weekly reporting and analysis insights on battery health

“Our promotion allows new customers to experience the tangible benefits that our service provides firsthand – and risk free – using their existing hardware and without any upfront costs,” said David Mettler, chief revenue officer of CPG. “Using our advanced predictive analytics capabilities, customers can realize greater returns on the battery monitoring hardware they’ve already invested in while minimizing risk of unplanned outages.”

To sign up for a free trial of CPG’s Insight for Batteries service, please visit

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Headquartered in Ashburn, Va. and backed by Columbia Capital, CPG is North America’s premier end-to-end data center technology partner, offering design, construction and analytics-driven operations for conventional, hyperscale and edge data centers, at the speed, cost and integrity that operating at the edge now requires. Since 2000, Fortune 500s, enterprise cloud providers and colocation customers have entrusted CPG to design, build, commission, service, monitor and maintain over 2000MW of complex environments, while protecting and enabling their business-critical data.