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BriteShot Charges Up With BritePower Modular Power System

June 14, 2021


New York

New York

United States

BriteShot, an industry leader in LED lighting solutions and expert in COVID decontamination products, expands its product lineup with the new BritePower modular power system. This mobile and rugged energy delivery solution provides continuous power via hot-swappable lithium-ion manganese phosphate battery packs. With its small footprint and long lifecycle, BritePower packs provide energy for commercial applications, including film and entertainment as well as home use, offering reliable power supply for a range of applications.

The BritePower modular power base system consists of a charger, a 4kW AC to DC inverter and one 2.5-kWh (kilowatt hours) battery pack. Multiple battery packs can be connected simultaneously, parallel to the invertor, to extend the energy capacity to 5kWh or more. Alternatively, one battery can be charged while the other is in use. In this configuration, a fully charged battery can be connected to the system before removing a depleted one, allowing for uninterrupted power delivery, which is a must-have for mission-critical and time-sensitive applications. Each battery pack charges in approximately two and half hours and lasts three hours depending on power consumption.

“With years of knowledge and experience supporting the film and TV industry, the BritePower system offers customers with a reliable energy source that allows them to power up their cameras, lighting and other production equipment on-set and on-location,” says Roy McDonald, co-founder at BriteShot. “Eliminating the need for a generator in any application, the BritePower system does not require permits, providing a solution that increases mobility, flexibility and accessibility when it comes to deploying a dependable energy source.”

In addition to film and entertainment, BritePower’s renewable energy storage provides power for a multitude of uses including agricultural and cultivation, hospitals, schools, emergency services, energy resilience, recreational vehicles and more. Easy to use, the system has a user-friendly design; the 30-amp invertor, the battery and the charger are custom built mobile road cases providing efficient transport.

Enhancing its usability, the packs have wheels on each case and as an option, can be rack-mounted, making for an extremely portable solution for new and existing production energy sources. Additionally, featuring an on/off key switch for ease of use and safe transportation, the packs are constructed from non-toxic and non-hazardous, recyclable materials. The BritePower system utilizes the safest, most environmentally benign lithium-ion chemistry available with no ventilation, cooling or thermal regulation required and no risk of thermal runaway or fire. The BritePower Modular Power System is available for both rental or sale.