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May 21, 2021




United Kingdom

ATHENS [May 20th 2021– Systems Sunlight, a global leader within the energy storage sector announces plans to invest $150 million into the development of the US battery sector over the next two years through a series of mergers and acquisitions. The first stage of this investment includes the launch of the company’s first subsidiary and assembly hub within the United States. Having worked with local distributors across the US for the last nine years, the launch will aid Sunlight to better service existing and future customers and grow the US’ lead and lithium battery market with the introduction of new battery applications.

Following an investment of $10 million, the new subsidiary has a total floor plan of 105,000 square feet and an annual capacity of over 2 GWh in lithium and lead technologies. As a result, SUNLIGHT Battery USA is now the company’s largest assembly hub worldwide, and supplements its existing European hub, based in Verona, Italy. The investment goes some way in supporting the US’s ambition to create new clean-energy related jobs and has cemented Sunlight’s presence in the USA, having already secured 15 partnerships within the country.

Using leading-edge Industry 4.0 technology, the new state-of-the-art facility will bolster capacity, increase Sunlight’s efficiency by reducing waste and streamlining delivery times as well as providing complete customer transparency. For the first time in the US, customers will be able to see the production process and witness quality controls by simply reading the QR code on the battery with a smart device.

Commenting on the new subsidiary and assembly hub, Systems Sunlight CEO, Lambros Bisalas says: “COVID-19 has highlighted the need and demand for green energy and the US requires innovation and battery production support to compete with the Asian market. At Sunlight, we have recently invested €105 million in R&D for innovative lithium technologies that will usher in a clean energy future. We are keen to utilize and apply this research to our product offerings in the US to aid its green energy ambitions. As a global energy storage solutions provider with distributors within Europe, Africa the Middle East and Latin America, this subsidiary and assembly hub will help bolster the US' position in the energy storage sector.”

Recently appointed Brian Faust, Vice President-General Manager at SUNLIGHT Batteries USA, concludes: “Our commitment to our customers here in North America will be to provide high-quality products, short lead times, and customer service that is second to none. We will focus not only on our existing products but on new technologies like lithium, which have the potential to change the way our customers utilize their equipment and make them more efficient at what they do. At Sunlight we will continue to look into the future and what lies ahead for the industrial battery sector within the US.”

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Sunlight is a member of the Olympia Group, an international investment Group with presence in 10 countries and industries like energy, retail and telecoms. With almost 30 years of experience in the market Sunlight is ranked among the world’s top manufacturers of industrial and advanced technology batteries.

The global energy storage industry is undergoing a transformation as Lithium technology enables systems with significantly increased efficiency, high performance under severe conditions, faster charging, smaller size, longer life, lower operating costs and, of course, eco-friendly use.

Sunlight, consistent in its strategy to develop specialized innovation across the battery value chain, has been investing over the past decade in Research and Development around the safest and most advanced Lithium applications.

Having witnessed the revolution that Lithium technology has brought to the electrification of vehicles and to the everyday use of mobile devices, Sunlight is investing in R&D in renewables and grid applications, public transport, logistics and automated guided vehicles (AGVs), as well as the commercial and leisure maritime industry. Sunlight recently launched a revolutionary series of “smart” Lithium batteries.

Li.ON FORCE batteries cover the increasing demands of the Material Handling and Logistics Industry, where Sunlight already has an 11% worldwide share. The new era places Sunlight at the forefront of developments, with state-of-the-art facilities in Greece, Italy and, now the United States. Its recycling facility in Komotini, Greece, is one of the most environmental facilities in Europe with one of the highest rates in lead-acid battery conversion. Sunlight’s 1000+ people have been consistently delivering its vision of “Electrifying the Future” through the technological excellence and innovation imprinted in Sunlight’s DNA.