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AMADA WELD TECH Announces Supply of Battery Pack Welding System to TWIG Power for New High-Performance Cobra MOTO Motocross Electric Motorcycle

May 19, 2021




United States

AMADA WELD TECH, Inc., a leading manufacturer of welding, marking, cutting, sealing, and bonding technology, announces it supplied a 300 ADP Capacitive Discharge Battery Pack Welding System to Michigan-based TWIG Power for use in U.S. motorcycle manufacturer Cobra MOTO, LLC’s new CX-E5 Electric Motorcycle. TWIG and Cobra are partnering in the development of new high-performance electric motorcycles designed to compete in the new electric youth classes for AMA motocross competition. The AMADA WELD TECH welder helped TWIG achieve the integration of electronics and high-performance materials that was key to making the pack a reality. TWIG will be manufacturing the battery packs and other powertrain components to enable the race level electric powertrain. Limited volumes will be produced for the racetrack later this year and volume production is set to begin early in 2022.
TWIG worked closely with application experts at AMADA WELD TECH’s Detroit-area laboratories, who helped evaluate battery requirements, provided tab design assistance, and advised in designing the interconnect and welding solution. TWIG’s design utilizes highly conductive EMS tab material. The AMADA WELD TECH 300 ADP Capacitive Discharge Welder provides repeatability and control that helps TWIG achieve process consistency for the battery pack, which has 84 cells on each side, for a total of 168 welds per pack. The welder features a built-in current monitor with limits for the welding process to ensure quality of the final welded assembly. The flexible unit can also be used to make different weld for other batteries and accessories.
“Battery pack technology is absolutely critical for the development of the electric powertrain,” said Jesse Beeker, TWIG Power President. “We needed a battery manufacturing system that would ensure a high performance, high quality, no compromise solution. AMADA WELD TECH helped take us from the first design concepts to understanding pack design challenges and difficulties, to changes that helped make the battery more manufacturable, all the way to building the first pack in their lab. They made an investment in customer success that helped us grow our solution and they continue to provide best in class support. With their equipment, every time we weld, we have confidence in the safety and quality of the product we are making.”
Electric motorcycles for the youth market offer an excellent customer experience, especially the performance control they provide to parents. The new E-moto products enable parents to meter performance modes depending upon the young riders’ current skill level. Parents can select modes ranging from high performance settings equivalent to gas-powered motorcycles, to four to five additional steps ranging from walking speeds to 40 miles per hour. The youth friendly electric motorcycles are also quieter and less intimidating, enabling young riders to set up small tracks in backyard environments. The software configurable E-moto products are easier to ride, featuring a softer or harder hit depending on how the motorcycle is tuned. Easy to use, charge, and maintain, E-moto products also reduce environmental noise and emission impacts compared to combustion engine motorcycles.
Since 1948, AMADA WELD TECH has worked to achieve one goal: to solve customer’s manufacturing challenges. Knowing there is no one solution that fits all, the company strives to provide customers with innovative and reliable manufacturing technology solutions in an effort to be their single source provider. AMADA WELD TECH manufactures equipment and systems for resistance welding, laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, hermetic sealing and hot bar reflow soldering and bonding. The company serves a wide range of markets including medical devices, battery, aerospace, automotive and electronic components. AMADA WELD TECH is an ISO9001 certified company. Contact AMADA WELD TECH at Learn more about the company’s products and services at