Bitrode’s Develops High-Power Laboratory Testing System

FTF2HPBitrode is expanding its product line to include a  high-power laboratory testing system, the  FTF-HP.  With charge or discharge cycles up to 500 kW, the FTF-HP is well-suited for high power applications where precise control of current and voltage is required. Parallel functionality allows the system to operate at 2 MW of power for large scale testing applications. The FTF-HP is designed to meet various requirements for equipment performance with current and voltage specifications, mode switching speeds and ramp rates tuned to test regimens for battery materials development, cell, module or pack testing.

The unit is able to produce accurate simulations of rapidly changing power demands in EV/HEV systems. Discharge power recycling to the AC line makes the FTF-HP more energy efficient to operate.  Additionally, the battery simulation function can program constant voltage, maximum current and internal impedance for motor testing applications.  It is available in both single and dual circuit configurations.

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