IDT Announces Tri-Mode Receiver Family Supporting Both Magnetic Resonance and Induction Wireless Power Standards

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) has introduced “tri-mode” wireless power receiver devices that enable AirFuel Alliance magnetic resonance and induction charging systems, as well as the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) magnetic induction Qi technology presently deployed in many leading smartphone models. The addition of AirFuel Alliance magnetic resonance adds greater freedom of placement and allows multiple receivers to charge from a common transmitter. This combination of technologies in a single device delivers flexibility and “future proofing” for consumers faced with a choice of mobile devices utilizing different wireless power standards.

The P9724 tri-mode device with integrated buck converter provides 5 W output power,  and is available to select customers, while the P9762 variant offers 10 W output power and is available on a pre-release basis. IDT is also previewing the Class 3 AirFuel Alliance Power Transmitter Unit (PTU) capable of output power delivery up to 16 W.

IDT’s magnetic induction products have been deployed in more than 70 million devices, from leading smartphones to wearables to furniture. The company has also been developing magnetic resonance technology for years, with longstanding partnerships. In addition, the company last year introduced wireless power reference kit program, providing an easy path for engineers without wireless power expertise to integrate the capabilities into designs.